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How will road sign policy affect your business ?

Are your business road signs legal ?

Concerns have arisen regarding signage being removed by Main Roads on the Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road in the Mumballup and Lowden areas.

The Chamber invited Main Roads and the Donnybrook-Balingup Shire representatives to give a pre-meeting presentation of signage rules & regulations.

Alan Roberts from Main Roads and Kobus Neiuwoudt from the Council provided a short presentation to the committee.

In summary:

  • All signage requires permission to ensure all signs, either on the verge or on private property, are primarily safe, uniform and compatible, and conform to the legislative controls.
  • The Main Roads department is responsible for all major road signage, which includes the South West Highway, Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Rd, Goodwood Rd (Donnybrook-Capel Rd) and Balingup-Nannup Rd. The Shire is responsible for all minor road signage.
  • All applications should be put to the Shire in the first instance. Once shire approval has been obtained then an application must be sent to Main Roads for their approval if the sign is on a Main Road. For the Shire you need to complete the planning consent form and a signage application form and include a map of the location, a sketch/photo of the sign showing the exact wording and the application fee of $139.   (See the links below for forms.) 
  • Both the Main Roads department and the council are reviewing current on-line documentation.
  • Main Roads are currently conducting a review of signage in our area. It should be noted that dangerous signs will be removed without notification, while safe but non-compliant signage will be listed and given to the council for owner notification and review.


Signage Presentation, what’s legal and what’s not by kind permission of Alan Roberts
Donnybrook Balingup Shire Town & Planning Policy 9.6 – Signage/Advertisement (PDF)

Shire Website Town Planning Page and Council Staff Contact Details
Shire Council Signage Application Form and Shire Council Planning Application
Main Roads Application Roadside Ad’ Signage Cat 3 form

Australian Standards 1742.6
Example of published signage guidelines in South Australia (PDF)


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