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Important Scam Warning – altered BSB & Account on valid invoices!

Please note that the Chamber has verified that this is a real scam suffered by a business in Harvey so please take a few moments to read this post.

We’ve had a notification of scam known in the UK and now being applied in WA via electronic invoicing, where a scammer has intercepted and altered large monetary value invoices being sent to customers. The invoices are then on sent to the customer, with an altered BSB & Account number and email contact, and subsequently paid by the customer – who inadvertently pays the scammer instead of the supplier.

You can prevent this by implementing the following procedures:

  • Store your known & confirmed supplier bank details in your electronic bank payments – most internet bank accounts allow this. When paying invoices always check that invoice bank details are the same as your stored details.
  • Only change them when you are sure the change is a valid request from your supplier.
  • Always look carefully at large value invoices to ensure they are a) genuine, b) for a known service that you have ordered and c) carry the original known bank details.
  • Check the contact email address carefully to ensure that its not a .net or .org when it should be a .com or .com.au
  • Always send a confirmation email to your supplier to alert them that your invoice has been paid as this shortens the cycle dramatically for the scammer which could enable banks & authorities to retrieve misappropriated funds.
  • If you receive notification from a customer that a large bill has been paid but can’t see the funds follow it up immediately with the customer as your outgoing email may have been compromised.
  • If you suspect you have received an altered invoice or that one has been sent in your name, contact authorities immediately on WA ScamNet at Consumer Protection by calling 1300 30 40 54 or emailing: scamquery@commerce.wa.gov.au.

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And finally before you ask – yes the Chamber has changed its bank account details! Our new account is still at the Bendigo Bank so same BSB 633-108 but new account number of 149739567. If you require further confirmation call me on 9756 2776, thanks Mel.