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Privacy Act Amendments effective 12/3/14

There have been a number of amendments to the Privacy Act which came into effect on 12th  March 2014.  These changes are mostly to do with individual privacy protection regarding Medical Health Records and Credit Reporting and will not generally affect the way small businesses must comply, unless your business relates to either of these categories.

The Privacy Act now includes a set of 13 new harmonised privacy principles that regulate the handling of personal information by Australian and Norfolk Island Government agencies and some private sector organisations.

You can view the new personal privacy fact sheets here. In particular Fact Sheets 10 & 15 to 22 relate to how to protect your personal information with regard to credit reporting and health records.

Privacy and You!

Do you need or want to implement a Privacy Policy for your business?

If you’re business has an annual turnover of $3 million or more OR is related to a corporate body OR is a health provider, mailing list provider, a bank or any other business that holds Personal or Sensitive data for an individual then you need to implement a Privacy Policy.

See our guide to Privacy Implementation below complete with sample forms:
Sample Privacy Policy
Sample Privacy Act Implementation

Also see these information bulletins from the government:
A Guide to Privacy for small business
OAIC Fact Sheet 7
ISPS Interaction between the Privacy Act and the Spam Act