2 thoughts on “Minutes of committee meeting 16/4/13”

  1. Dear Chamber – I am so sorry I could not make the last meeting – but medical situations called me up to Perth – and also meant I forgot to send in apologies. I am mostly sorry as I haven’t been able to really consolidate the Buy Local issues/campaign with you all – and am concerned it will not develop and change in a way to maximise impact….but that’s all sortable I hope to be back with you all real soon to discuss…..

    BUT WHAT REALLY CONCERNS ME IS THAT YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE BPA RE BALINGUP! There are approximately 30 members of the BPA & only about 10-15 go to meetings. I became a member of the BPA to try and equalise things and understand them a bit more….that’s a work in progress Most are accommodation owners and other towns folk rather than the high street businesses….. Please ask our members ( some of whom still have their signs up in their windows) and other towns folk – and I will be home soon to help……but please dont use the BPA as a short cut to proper consultation – the shire has made this mistake on a number of issues lately….ask John about the town planning issues. See you all soon I hope – Sara

  2. Hi Sara, many thanks for your valid comments. In fact chronologically we were in touch with the Progress Committee prior to recruiting a number of the retailers as Chamber members. Our feedback from the retailers is a resounding “We want the signs” and its our members for whom we provide support. So our intention is to re-engage with the Progress Committee, with the help of our Balingup members, to progress to a positive outcome for all.

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