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Regulations affecting business

CCI launches red-tape webpage for WA businesses

CCI launches red-tape webpage for WA businesses

 Statement by CCI Chief Executive Officer, Deidre Willmott.

CCI, the peak WA business representative group, is calling for all WA businesses to share their frustrating red-tape stories on a new webpage

CCI officially launched the new webpage today at an event with Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Josh Frydenberg, who is responsible for the Federal Government’s push to cut $1 billion in red-tape each year. WA representative on this project and Member for Pearce, Christian Porter also spoke at the event.

“CCI has been working closely with our members to help identify the specific examples of red-tape frustration that holds back an organisation from growing their business,” CCI CEO Deidre Willmott said.

“Governments at all levels have shown a desire to tackle excessive regulation. This webpage provides an opportunity for all WA businesses to provide their specific examples so we can help take them to the State and Federal governments.

In a recent 2013 ACCI red-tape survey almost 85 per cent of businesses said their regulatory burden has increased from the previous 12 months.

Examples from the website will be reviewed and then acted upon with the relevant government Minister or agency.

“It is important that we provide tangible examples to all levels of government to show which regulations or processes are holding back business,” Ms Willmott said.

“Often it is the way a regulation is interpreted or unnecessary processes that are placed on a business by regulators.  I encourage all businesses to take a few minutes to share their frustrating red-tape experiences,” Ms Willmott said.

Western Australian businesses can tell their red-tape story at

Main Roads & Driveways update!

The Chamber was recently asked to assist with a Main Roads & Driveways issue for one of our member businesses.  Our research might be useful if you are looking to obtain permission from Main Roads for a new or amended business driveway.

Note that the driveways section of the act was updated relatively recently (Feb 2012) and contains some major changes which you should review before making changes or applying for any decision.

Link: Driveways & MainRoad Reply

Bridgetown Regional Water Supply Scheme

Water quality issues were raised for Kirup & Balingup during 2013. Here is the reply from the Water Corporation:

“For the last 5 years Kirup’s water has been a blend of Kirup Dam supplemented with the Mullalyup soak. From March to August 2013 the Water Corporation has carted water from the ground water source in Donnybrook and entered it directly into the Kirup system which would have most likely given a different taste to the water but the quality of the water is fine.  As the dam is full again (Oct 2013) just the dam water is being used as the source, and users may have noticed a change in taste again.”

Note that the Water Corporation  is aiming to improve the supply and quality of water for Bridgetown, Boyup Brook, Hester, Greenbushes, Balingup, Mullalyup and Kirup via the Bridgetown Regional Water Supply Scheme.
A summary of the project can be viewed here – link: BridgetownWaterScheme.pdf