Chamber Privacy

The Chamber is please to have implemented its Privacy Policy which can now be viewed at the bottom of the Home & Contact pages of our website. Please also see the Chamber Members Privacy Implementation Rules for members in the same location as these affect you.

While the Chamber is not required to comply to the Privacy Act we feel we should do as:
• some members provide personal contact email addresses as their business address.
• it is appropriate for the Chamber to execute its responsibilities in a professional manner
• we wish to provide an example our members.

Should you implement a Privacy Policy – why not see our Privacy & You! post.

Privacy and You!

Do you need or want to implement a Privacy Policy for your business?

If you’re business has an annual turnover of $3 million or more OR is related to a corporate body OR is a health provider, mailing list provider, a bank or any other business that holds Personal or Sensitive data for an individual then you need to implement a Privacy Policy.

See our guide to Privacy Implementation below complete with sample forms:
Sample Privacy Policy
Sample Privacy Act Implementation

Also see these information bulletins from the government:
A Guide to Privacy for small business
OAIC Fact Sheet 7
ISPS Interaction between the Privacy Act and the Spam Act

Chamber Winter Dinner 20/6/13 @ Balingup Tavern – TWO WEEKS TIME!

Come to the Chamber Winter Dinner and enjoy excellent food & wine at the Balingup Tavern. Get an update from our Cabinet member of parliament Terry Redman and get your voice heard. Return bus available from Donnybrook. Book your place now – just click HERE to email me with “We want to attend” and your names. Now you can click on the poster below, print it out and stick it up on your notice board to remind you – we look forward to seeing you there! And do you have a question for Terry Redman? If so let me know!